I have always been the one to ask “but why?” and am now on a mission to learn everything I can about the thing I am most passionate about, my dogs! I have a varied background in rescue work, training, and veterinary medicine. While I have gained hands on experience and on the job training my mind is still wanting to know what all goes on with our dogs to make them who they are and why they do the things they do. I want to explore dog training as working towards a job or goal with our dogs to help foster fulfillment in them and correct problem behaviors. I believe using positive reinforcement and relationship based training is the best way to teach our dogs to want to work with us to accomplish these goals. ~Stephanie M

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Johnny- Johnny is an adopted pup who was on the euthanasia list at only 4 months old. We joke that he is more cat then dog and his most common used nick name is “the Johnny kitty”. He has come a long way from where he started but working through his issues is going to be a life long adventure. While for the last few years he has become a ‘house dog’, he truly loves going anywhere and everywhere with us and we’ve decided to recommit to him and his training and give him the life he deserves. DOB- May 2009 (we think!)


Thor- Thor is my heart dog. I knew our next dog would be a Frenchie and after searching rescues and petfinder.com for 2 years we were selected to adopt a perfect 10 week old puppy. He was born to a puppy mill and although he is more social then many from that situation he has several genetic health and behavior issues because of his poor breeding. Now my perfect boy is not always perfectly behaved, but we are working on his trouble spots constantly. Currently he is a clothing model and has his Novice Trick Dog title and our goal is to have him become the first French Bulldog as a Champion Trick Dog. You can see more fun, daily life pictures of him and Raylee here. You can check out his animal acting Zed card here. DOB- 2-24-2012


Raylee- Raylee came to us by a friend of ours who breeds French Bulldogs. From Day 1 she has been a firecracker and quickly got the nick name “Crazy Mz Ray Ray”. She is very social and she does everything with a little extra enthusiasm. Her work ethic is more Border Collie then Frenchie so we call her a Frenchie SE (Sport Edition). She has already had some great acting jobs and we hope to earn more soon! You can check out her official animal acting Zed card here. DOB 6-15-2013

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