About Our Pups

When people ask about my dogs I always answer that we have 2 French bulldogs and a naughty Terrier cross.

Johnny- Johnny is an adopted pup who was on the euthanasia list at only 4 months old, and while he is the calmest in the house, lowest maintenance, and nearly perfect for my fiance and I, he is also our ‘naughty dog’. He has come a long way in being comfortable in our home and letting us handle him but the challenge comes in taking him out in public. While for the last few years he has become a ‘house dog’, he truly loves going anywhere and everywhere and we’ve decided to recommit to his training and giving him the life he deserves.

Thor- Thor is my heart dog. I had always liked Boston Terriers and English Bulldogs and when I stumbled upon French Bulldogs I fell in love. I knew our next dog would be a Frenchie and after searching rescues and petfinder.com for 2 years we were selected to adopt a perfect 10 week old puppy. I flew to Oklahoma 2 days later and the moment he was placed in my lap I felt my heart explode. Now my perfect boy is not always perfectly behaved, but he has so much potential and has already done more in his 3 years then many dogs do in their lifetime. Currently he is a clothing model and has his Novice Trick Dog title and our goal is to have him become the first French Bulldog as a Champion Trick Dog.

Raylee- Raylee came to us by a friend of ours who breeds French Bulldogs. From Day 1 she has been a firecracker and quickly got the nick name “Crazy Mz Ray Ray”. She is very social and she does everything with a little extra enthusiasm. While training the boys usually means getting them amped up and excited, I’m usually focused on calming Raylee to get her to focus on the task at hand. Her work ethic is more Border Collie then Frenchie so we call her a Frenchie SE (Sport Edition). She has already had bigger acting jobs then Thor and will probably beat him to a Champion Trick Dog title as well.

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