Thor’s NTD Filming

I decided to start the journey to earning a Champion Trick Dog Title by starting where we left off- at the Novice Title. Thor earned his NTD on July 25th 2013. He earned it on his last day of his first ‘Tricks Dog class’ at Club Doggie ( with Champion Trick Dog Instructor Kama R. I was a little overwhelmed with managing Thor, treats, clicker, ect and only had bits and pieces of it recorded.

The day we received Thor's certificate and collar charm.
The day we received Thor’s certificate and collar charm.

Later I did record the video “Thor the French Bulldog’s 15 dog Tricks” but I always planned on making a video of his title and this time filming it correctly! He was able to do each of the tricks and I think he enjoyed showing off for the camera but a few things popped up that we will definitely need to work on. Namely we need to get better work ethic, I need to stop cheating to help him succeed, distance, and I really need to get more solid hand signal/ verbal cues since at multiple points he seemed to get a bit confused on which trick I was asking him to do.

The tricks Thor did to earn his NTD are: sit, down, come, stay, doggy push ups, food refusal/ leave it, hand signals (3 tricks), jump over a bar, paws up on a object, roll out a carpet (we used a yoga mat), shake hands, speak/ bark on cue, spin circles, take a bow, and treibbal (pushing a ball). I threw in a sit pretty/beg since it is one of his favorite tricks and he does it with so much enthusiasm.

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